Unicorn Poop Candy Bark

Candy Bark isn't just for kids, glam it up with fun sprinkles and silver dragees.

Chocolate Malted Cake and Ice Cream – Day Two – Unicorn Poop Candy Bark I just love the name of this candy bark that I made! I think I threw about every sprinkle I had into it! There’s a mixture of purple, green and blue candy melts and then a plethora of sprinkles, dragees, mini marshmallows, and […]

New Year’s Eve No-Bake Treats

Chocolate covered Oreos - Fortune Cookies dipped and sprinkled - Strawberry Champagne Jello Shots. from #DietersDownfall

 New Year’s Eve No Bake Treats – Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies Whoa! New Year’s Eve has snuck up on me. Of course I would get sick the day after Christmas and fall behind scheduled. However, I guess that if I had to get sick, this would be the optimal time to do so. These No-Bake […]

Chocolate Cherry Trifle

Layers of Donuts, pudding and cherries. It was an amazing combination. from #DietersDownfall.com

Chocolate Donut Trifle with White Chocolate Pudding and Tart Cherries Oh WOW! This dessert was amazing to eat and a pain in the you-know-what to photograph. First off, it’s not as easy as it layer a trifle and make it pretty. I give lots of credit to those who have done it. This was my […]

White Chocolate Pudding

White Chocolate Pudding. Simple, Fast, Delicious. from #DietersDownfall.com

Chocolate Trifle with Cherries – Day One – White Chocolate Pudding I had a great Mother’s Day weekend. I spent some quality time with my family AND I got to enjoy this amazing Chocolate and Cherry Trifle. Of course I had to fight off demands for some of the donuts for three days, however the […]

Mint Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate Mint Chip Cookies with White Chocolate drizzle and crushed chocolate on top. from #DietersDownfall.com

Mint Chocolate Mousse Tart with Chocolate Cookie Crust and Chocolate Martini’s – Day One – Triple Chocolate Mint Chip Cookies I love the combination of Mint and Chocolate! This week is dedicated to the great chocolate mint flavor. I made some yummy Triple Chocolate Mint Chip Cookies which I turned into a cookie crust, then […]

White Chocolate Marshmallow Fondant

Easy to make, homemade White Chocolate Marshmallow Fondant. from #dietersdownfall.com

Red Velvet Holiday Cupcakes – Day One – White Chocolate Marshmallow Fondant Oh Wow! We are getting into the thick of Holiday Baking. I’ve got a bunch of Cookie recipes ready for Pint Sized Baker, but today, I’ve got some amazing Holiday Cupcakes for ya! This week I’m making some Red Velvet cupcakes with cream […]

White Chocolate Christmas Cake

White Chocolate Cake and Frosting with Spiced Cranberry Puree and Sugared Citrus Peels. From #dietersdownfall.com #Christmas

White Chocolate Cake and Frosting with Spiced Cranberry Filling and Sugared Citrus Peel It’s Christmas in July and I had a great time making this cake in the middle of the summer. The smell of boiling lemon and orange peels made my house smell so good! And then the spiced scents of the cinnamon, ginger […]

White Chocolate Cake

Rich White Chocolate Cake from #dietersdownfall.com

White Chocolate Cake and Frosting with Spiced Cranberry Frosting and Sugared Lemon and Orange Peels – Day Two Today, we bake our cake. This is a simple White Chocolate Cake that is rich and moist. I liked the subtle flavor that white chocolate provided. It went very well with the cranberry filling. The last time […]