Orange and Chocolate Cake

Orange and Chocolate Cake all dressed up and ready for a party! from

Orange and Chocolate Cake with Whipped Ganache Frosting and Chocolate Covered Tangerine Slices Are you a fan of Orange and Chocolate? If not, you’re about to become one! This is a Vegan Cake that is rich and moist and has a wonderful balance of the orange and chocolate flavors. My husband and I love our […]

Vegan Orange Chocolate Cake

Vegan Orange and Chocolate Zebra Cake. Very delicious, very moist. You'll never know it was vegan. from

Orange Chocolate Cake – Day One – Vegan Orange and Chocolate Cakes This week, I’m venturing into new territory again. I did start this blog as a journal to challenge myself and bake new recipes. This time, it’s my first Vegan Cake. I decided to make an Orange and Chocolate Cake. However, I then covered […]