Strawberry Brownie Cheesecake

A brownie base with cheesecake layers and topped with giant chocolate curls and fresh strawberries. from #dietersdownfall

Brownie Based Cheesecake with a brownie cheesecake layer, strawberry puree and topped with huge chocolate curls and fresh strawberries. Whew, that’s a mouthful – in more ways than one. I had a serious love affair with this cheesecake and I think I’m hooked on the idea of a brownie base. Don’t get me wrong, graham […]

Old Fashioned Strawberry Soda

Fresh Strawberries, milk, ice cream and some soda makes an amazing Cream Soda. from

 This was such a fun drink to make! It’s a milkshake that’s spiked with soda! Whoa! My daughter always orders a “pink soda” when we go to Chick-fil-A. That would be a Fruit Punch with Sprite. I wonder if they would make me a strawberry milkshake and add some Sprite. I’ll have to ask next […]

Strawberry Meringues

Simply Exquisite! Meringue shells, strawberry curd, crème fraîche, and fresh fruit.

Meringue Shells with Strawberry Rhubarb Curd, Homemade Crème Fraîche, and fresh Strawberries Mmmm! This dessert was amazing. It was a little difficult to eat, but it sure was good! I enjoyed it immensely! The crisp meringue was amazing, the sweet and tart combination of the Crème Fraîche and Strawberry curd was wonderful, and the fresh fruit was […]

No-Bake Dessert Table

Strawberries, Rice Krispies, and Oreo's - All dressed up and ready for a party! from

No Bake New Year’s Party Dessert Table – Elegant Chocolate Covered Oreos, Rice Krispies, Marshmallows, and Strawberries. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I heard from the KitchenAid Mixer Winner and she was thrilled to get her new toy the day before Christmas! It was so awesome to team up with 17 other ladies and […]

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Pink Chocolate Covered Strawberries with pretty bows on. All dressed up for New Year's Eve. from

No Bake New Year’s Party Desserts – Day two – Chocolate Covered Strawberries I love Chocolate Covered Strawberries. I think that they are really fun at parties and weddings. You usually see them in brown chocolate, but I decided to dress up my strawberries and put a bow on them. Pink Candy Wafers to the […]

Strawberry Curd

Strawberry Curd is easy and quick to make. from

Birthday Cake – Day One – Strawberry Curd It’s my birthday week!! I’m always excited the week of my birthday! To celebrate, I made MY Favorite cake! It has this strawberry curd in between layers of vanilla cake coated with swiss meringue buttercream! I’ve made lemon curd several times and I’ve made ginger lemon curd. […]

Brownie and Ice Cream Tower

Homemade Brownies, topped with Strawberry and Banana Ice Cream and Hot Fudge Sauce drizzled over - from

 Day Three – Completion of the Chocolate Covered Fruit dessert. We are putting this massive tower of chocolate and fruit together. I hope you’ve made (or at least bought) your ice cream (remember, it needs to sit overnight to harden) and made your brownies. I’ve made my brownies in a 9 inch and 6 inch round pans […]