Cranberry Puree and Sugared Citrus

Sugared Orange and Lemon Peels are a fun and delicious snack during the Holidays. from

White Chocolate Cake and Frosting with Spiced Cranberry Frosting and Sugared Lemon and Orange Peels – Day One Today, I’m celebrating Christmas in July! Don’t you just love Christmas? While I was making this cranberry filling, the smell of the cinnamon and ginger reminded me of the wonderful spices that Winter brings us. I can’t […]

Cookie Icebox Cake

Seven Layers of Chocolate Chip and Cinnamon Chip Cookies with Mascarpone Whipped Cream and topped with homemade chocolate sauce. from

OH Wow! I think I may have outdone myself here… What do you think of this gorgeously stunning Icebox Cake? It’s the first Icebox Cake that I made and had. I was telling my Mom about making this and how good it was and she told me about how my Grandmother used to make Icebox […]

Mascarpone Whipped Cream

Perfect Whipped Cream with Mascarpone Cheese and a shot of Whiskey! From

Day Two – Cinnamon and Chocolate Chip Cookie Icebox Cake –  Mascarpone Whipped Cream Today, we are going to soften the thin and crispy cookies that we just made. It’s an easy construction day for our Icebox Cake. If you’ve made your own Mascarpone Cheese, you know how easy it is and how delicious it. […]

Ginger Lemon Curd

The heat from the Ginger and the cool of the Lemon combine to make a wonderful Curd. From

Day One – Ginger and Lemon Curd –  Ginger Lemon Frozen Whip with Blueberry Sauce This week, I’m whipping up a light a refreshing dessert that is great for an afternoon lunch or a summer evening dessert. This frozen ginger and lemon infused whipped cream dessert topped with warm blueberry sauce sure to please! Spring is in […]

Quark Cheese

Homemade Quark Cheese is easy and delicious - from

Grilled Cheese Dessert – Day One – Quark Cheese Did you know that April is National Grilled Cheese Month? Have you ever heard of Quark Cheese? No? And No? Seems like you’re  not the only one. This week we are making a delightful Poached Pear and Quark Grilled Cheese Dessert! Yep, DESSERT!

Baked Strawberry French Toast

Baked French Toast is made even better with homemade Challah Bread and Strawberry Butter. from

Baked French Toast – Putting it all together. I’m sure that you have enjoyed your bread and butter… you sure do have enough to eat now. Today we are bringing it all together for breakfast tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow… I’m sorry to say that this is an OVERNIGHT recipe. You have to make this the night […]