No Bake Mint Oreo Cheesecake

No-Bake Mint Oreo Cheesecake - perfect for lazy people who don't want to turn on their ovens.

Mint Cheesecake Cake – Day Two – No Bake Mint Oreo Cheesecake When it’s hot outside, it’s a great time for no-bake treats! I’ve been craving a mint dessert and thought that adding Mint Oreo Cookies to a no-bake cheesecake would be the perfect treat. It’s easier than a traditional cheesecake, and you can be outside […]

Unicorn Poop Candy Bark

Candy Bark isn't just for kids, glam it up with fun sprinkles and silver dragees.

Chocolate Malted Cake and Ice Cream – Day Two – Unicorn Poop Candy Bark I just love the name of this candy bark that I made! I think I threw about every sprinkle I had into it! There’s a mixture of purple, green and blue candy melts and then a plethora of sprinkles, dragees, mini marshmallows, and […]

New Year’s Eve No-Bake Treats

Chocolate covered Oreos - Fortune Cookies dipped and sprinkled - Strawberry Champagne Jello Shots. from #DietersDownfall

 New Year’s Eve No Bake Treats – Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies Whoa! New Year’s Eve has snuck up on me. Of course I would get sick the day after Christmas and fall behind scheduled. However, I guess that if I had to get sick, this would be the optimal time to do so. These No-Bake […]

Oreo Cookie Clocks

Oreo Cookies covered in candy coating and decorated to count down to Midnight. New Years Eve Dessert. from #DietersDownfall

 No-Bake New Years Treats – Oreo Cookie Countdown Clocks Last New Year’s I celebrated with no-bake treats, so I figure I’d keep it up and make it a tradition. This time of year, it’s hard to keep up with everything in life and manage to get amazing blog posts done. I’m a bit behind on […]

No-Bake Dessert Table

Strawberries, Rice Krispies, and Oreo's - All dressed up and ready for a party! from

No Bake New Year’s Party Dessert Table – Elegant Chocolate Covered Oreos, Rice Krispies, Marshmallows, and Strawberries. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I heard from the KitchenAid Mixer Winner and she was thrilled to get her new toy the day before Christmas! It was so awesome to team up with 17 other ladies and […]

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Pink Chocolate Covered Strawberries with pretty bows on. All dressed up for New Year's Eve. from

No Bake New Year’s Party Desserts – Day two – Chocolate Covered Strawberries I love Chocolate Covered Strawberries. I think that they are really fun at parties and weddings. You usually see them in brown chocolate, but I decided to dress up my strawberries and put a bow on them. Pink Candy Wafers to the […]

Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows

Shimmer and Shine is what New Year's Celebrations are all about! All dressed up for New Year's Eve. from

No Bake New Year’s Party Desserts – Day One – Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows This week I’m celebrating New Years! However, I’m so burnt out on baking from all the Christmas treats I’ve made here and over on Pint Sized Baker, so this is a very special No-Bake Dessert Table. So, I’ve glammed up some Marshmallows, […]

Mousse Cake

Giant Chocolate Curls top this amazing Mousse Cake from

Chocolate and Cookie Butter Mousse Cake with Chocolate Shortbread Crust Oh lordy…. Look at who’s gaining forty! ME! All these darn desserts have totally ruined my diet. My master plan to make everyone cheat has completely backfired on me. Sigh… I guess I’ll just have another slice of this Mousse Cake and wallow in my […]