Lemon and Lime Dessert

Meyer Lemon Angle Food Cake with Key Lime Pie Ice Cream and Warm Lemon Sauce. from #dietersdownfall.comMeyer Lemon Angel Cake with Key Lime Ice Cream Dessert

You’ve gotta be a citrus fan for this week’s recipe. I know that y’all love the chocolate and peanut butter desserts… but there is just something magical about citrus. It just lights up my mouth and brightens up my day!

And, you can’t beat the fresh yellow and green colors in the kitchen when it’s so cold and dark outside. It’s just a little ray of sunshine in the house.

Liquid Lemon Curd. This Lemon Sauce was amazing! from #dietersdownfall.comFor my daughter’s birthday last year, I added a layer of Lemon Curd in between her  cake layers. One of my friends just loved it! LOVED IT! He had seconds just so he could have more of the lemon curd.

I told him how easy it was to make at home, but you know it always tastes better when someone else makes the treats. While I was brainstorming this Angel Food and Key Lime Ice Cream cake, I had to come up with a third recipe for it…

That’s when I found “Rich Hot Lemon Sauce in my copy of Joy of Cooking.

Lemon, Lime, Lemon, Whipped Cream and Cherries! So much flavor in this dessert. from #dietersdownfall.comThis sauce is almost like lemon curd, but it stays in a liquid state. It’s thinner, a bit more transparent and with a bit more sugar, it’s sweeter.

I loved the sauce with the angel cake and lime ice cream. It was really a wonderful addition.

Lemon Angel Cake with Key Lime ice cream center serced with a warm lemon sauce. from #dietersdownfall.comWhile your cake and ice cream are in the freezer firming up, you can make this sauce. It takes less than 30 minutes to cook and allow to cool.

Using store-bought lemon juice will save you some time, but if you have the lemons, you may as well squeeze a few.

Pucker up and enjoy this Lemon Lime dessert! Lemon Angel food cake and Lime Ice Cream. from #dietersdownfall.comIf you feel like a trip to the tropics is in order, just crank up the heat in your house and enjoy this lemon and lime cake. Everyone loved the flavors and my lemon curd fan was satisfied.

The lemon sauce would also be great over coconut ice cream, pound cake, or a blueberry crumb cake.

Lemon and Lime Dessert

Cook time: 

Key Lime Pie Ice Cream sandwiched between Meyer Lemon Angel Food Cake served with whipped cream and a hot lemon sauce.
For the Hot Lemon Sauce
  • ¾ cup sugar
  • ¼ cup fresh lemon juice
  • zest of one lemon
  • 2 tablespoons water
  • 3 egg yolks
  • ½ cup butter (1 stick) cut into 8 slices
  1. Cut the Angel Cake in half horizontally. Add a layer of the Key Lime ice cream then top with angel cake. Place into the freezer to keep cold.
  2. Prepare your lemon sauce.
  3. Combine the sugar, lemon juice, zest and water in a small pot and whisk in the egg yolks. Place over medium-low heat and add in the butter. Stirring constantly, bring the mixture to a simmer, then cook until thickened. Strain through a fine mesh and serve.
  4. Remove the cake and ice cream from the freezer. Slice the cake and pour sauce over it.

Little tiny Key Limes pack a big punch! Definitely worth the splurge in this Key Lime Ice Cream. from #dietersdownfall.comFind the recipe for the Key Lime Ice Cream HERE.








Meyer Lemon Angle Food Cake. Easier than you think to make at home and so delicious to eat. from #dietersdownfall.comFind the recipe for the Meyer Lemon Angel Cake HERE.


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