Brownie and Ice Cream Tower

Homemade Brownies, topped with Strawberry and Banana Ice Cream and Hot Fudge Sauce drizzled over - from

 Day Three – Completion of the Chocolate Covered Fruit dessert.

We are putting this massive tower of chocolate and fruit together. I hope you’ve made (or at least bought) your ice cream (remember, it needs to sit overnight to harden) and made your brownies.

I’ve made my brownies in a 9 inch and 6 inch round pans to give it this tiered effect.

The day that you are going to serve this you’ll want to make your homemade hot fudge sauce. This hot fudge takes about an hour and a half to make, so plan accordingly.

Once you have made this hot fudge, you may never want to buy it in a jar again. Who needs all that extra stuff? Polycarbonate 60? What is that? And nobody needs High Fructose Corn syrup in their diet.

The great thing about this recipe is that it makes a quart and can be stored in your fridge. I placed my leftovers in a mason jar and put it in the fridge. Hey, if Ben and Jerry make this hot fudge in their shops, then you know it’s good!

I hope you enjoy this decadent dessert. I’m sure your guest will be impressed with this Tower of Chocolate Covered Fruit! Just dipping the fresh fruit into the fudge was like Heaven to me!

Homemade Brownies, topped with Strawberry and Banana Ice Cream and Hot Fudge Sauce drizzled over - from

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Brownies with Strawberry Banana Ice Cream and Hot Fudge

Prep time: 

Cook time: 

Total time: 

Decadent Brownies topped with Strawberry and Banana Ice Cream and covered with homemade Hot Fudge Sauce. The best way to enjoy your Chocolate Covered Fruit!
  • 4 oz. Unsweetened chocolate
  • ½ cup butter
  • ¾ cup unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 2 cups sugar
  • ½ cup milk
  • ½ cup heavy cream
  • Brownies
  • Ice Cream
  • Fresh Strawberries and Bananas, cut up
  1. Recipe from Ben & Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream & Dessert Book
  2. Melt Chocolate and Butter in a double boiler. Add the cocoa and whisk until smooth.
  3. Gradually add in sugar. The mixture will be thick and have a wet sand consistency. Stir and cook in the double boiler for 20 minutes. Check water level and add more if necessary.
  4. Add in cream and milk and stir until completely incorporated. Continue cooking for another hour, stirring occasionally and checking the water level.
  5. The fudge is ready when all the sugar is dissolved and the fudge is smooth.
  6. Place 9 inch round brownies on a cake platter. Add strawberry banana ice cream and fresh fruit and drizzle with fudge. Add 6 inch round brownie, top with ice cream and fresh fruit and drizzle more fudge over top.
  7. Cut up and Enjoy!
For an easier way to serve, you can prepare the brownies in a 9 x 13 baking dish, cut the brownies into squares and top with ice cream and hot fudge.

Homemade Strawberry and Banana Ice Cream, simple and delicious - from dietersdownfall.comThe Recipe for Strawberry Banana Ice Cream can be found HERE.

Homemade Brownies, simple and delicious - from dietersdownfall.comThe recipe for the Brownies can be found HERE.

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  1. OMG… that is indeed a tower!

  2. OMG. This is gorgeous! I want to bury my face in my computer screen, but then I’ll just get a face full of dust.

  3. Karyn, you are amazing!

    • Karyn Granrud Karyn Granrud says:

      Thanks Heather. I’m gonna have to make something with your homemade Chocolate Peanut Butter one of these days!

  4. Wow, I could definitely use one of these towers right now at 1AM!

    • Karyn Granrud Karyn Granrud says:

      Thanks so much for stopping by Chung-Ah. Your support means a lot to me. Are you going to Mixed again?

  5. Oh wow, this is the most amazing cake! It looks totally gorgeous!

    • Karyn Granrud Karyn Granrud says:

      Thank you I didn’t really want to cut into it, it was too beautiful. But I did and it was great!

  6. uhhhhh. i just died and gone to chocolate heaven.

  7. Karyn, this is amazing plus I am totally jealous of that MacKenzie Childs cake stand. This sounds sinfully delicious!

    • Karyn Granrud Karyn Granrud says:

      Thanks for noticing. Most people don’t know MacKenzie Childs. Don’t think that I can afford it… It was a gift a few years ago. I LOVE it!

  8. Yes I love it!!! Absolutely fabulous. I pinned this and I am in awe of the fabulousness of this recipe Krista @ A Handful of Everything

  9. This looks really yummy. What a clever presentation! Fabulous pictures too!

  10. You had me at brownies and ice cream. A tower is over the top! MmmmmMMmmmMMmm! Pinned this!

  11. What a gorgeous looking cake! I would love a piece! Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. whoa!!! AMAZING!!! I’ll take a spoon an dig right in. I love to feature good food on my blog… in fact today I’ve got a Mexi-Mexicana Round up going on… hope you can check it out.

  13. Karyn, this is rock star status in my books! I love it! I featured you on Monday Funday, please stop by to grab a feature button! I am pinning this too! xoxo – Cheryl

  14. Dying for this & I’m also so in love with your cake plate. I have wanted that one for years!!!!

  15. Mmmm fresh fruit and fudge I agree…. heaven! Looks delish!

  16. This seriously looks incredible. Brownies and Ice Cream are always a great combo and adding fruit into the mix is always a great idea. I sent it to my brownies and ice cream obsessed friend and she said she loved everything about it right down to the platter. Would you mind if I posted a text link to this in Friday’s post?

    I stopped by from Whimsy Wednesday.

    • Karyn Granrud Karyn Granrud says:

      Thanks for sharing it! It’s delicious and easy to make. I don’t mind the mention at all. Thanks!

  17. OMG this is insane!!! It looks absolutely amazing! And where is that cake stand from!?! So cool!

  18. I am speechless here. It looks so amazing and your pictures just reach out and grab your. Wow!

  19. WOW! I can’t imagine this post being any better. Your dessert is more than gorgeous and very tempting! And your cake plate is very interesting and unique too. Thanks a million for sharing with us at Weekend Potluck. Please come again soon.

  20. Oh good golly. I think I just gain 20 pounds. Holy smoke!! This looks and sounds so fantastic. Thank you for linking up to Tips and Tricks. I hope to see you again this week.

  21. How amazing! It really doesn’t look too difficult, and yet it looks so impressive. I am pinning this one and will whip this up when I want to impress visitors! I would love it if you would stop by and share this at my new link party at Celebrate and Decorate!

  22. Heather Hennessee says:

    Oh yum! This looks amazing:)

  23. Amazingly delicious! Almost too pretty to eat! Thanks for linking up with What’s Cookin’ Wednesday!


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