Bread Recipes

Baked French Toast is made even better with homemade Challah Bread and Strawberry Butter. from

Baked Strawberry French Toast

Posted on Apr 12th, 2013

Baked French Toast - Putting it all together. I'm sure that you have enjoyed your bread and butter... you sure do have enough to eat now. Today…

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This homemade Challah recipe makes enough for 4 loaves. Enjoy a loaf in your Baked French Toast. from

Challah Bread

Posted on Apr 10th, 2013

Day Two - Challah Bread or Jewish Egg Bread, whichever you prefer. Today is the day we WORK! We are gonna get our hands dirty, our counter…

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Cinnamon and Raisin Bread with walnuts and chocolate baked into a decadent bread pudding. from

Chocolate and Walnut Bread Pudding

Posted on Nov 15th, 2013

Chocolate and Walnut Bread Pudding with Kahlua Cream Sauce O. M. G! This was THE dessert of the month! And my husband ate every single…

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Warm, toasted Cinnamon Bread served with real butter. The best breakfast or snack or lunch! from

Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Posted on Nov 11th, 2013

Chocolate and Walnut Bread Pudding - Day One - Cinnamon Raisin Bread I love the smell of cinnamon baking in the oven. In a pie, in bread, even in…

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Blueberries, Raspberries and Blackberries piled high on Lemon Ricotta Pancakes. from

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

Posted on Jan 10th, 2014

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes made with Homemade Ricotta Cheese and Blueberry Butter topped with a Mixed Berry Compote I've got some EXCITING NEWS!!! But…

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Easy Pastry Puffs just waiting to be filled. from

Pâte à Choux “Pastry Puffs”

Posted on May 29th, 2013

Pastry Puffs filled with Brownie Ice Cream and topped with Ganache - Day Two- Pastry Puffs My younger brother has been making pastry puffs since…

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Homemade Mixed Berry Jam stuffed into homemade bread for a delicious stuffed french toast. from

Stuffed French Toast

Posted on Aug 30th, 2013

Stuffed French Toast - homemade bread filled with homemade mixed berry jam or nectarine jam and served with fresh berries. This stuffed french…

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Fresh homemade white bread. The perfect Sandwich bread. from

White Bread

Posted on Aug 28th, 2013

Stuffed French Toast - Day Two - White Sandwich Bread I Love homemade bread! I think my husband loves it more... My husband committed a…

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